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How to Date Another Couple

Do ask questions...but not the wrong ones. Yes, you’re curious about how many bedrooms their Dream beauty pro hard sell new home has, where they went to grad school, and when they plan to have kids, but going Spanish Inquisition on another couple just makes you two look pushy -- like you’re “interviewing” them to see if they’re worthy of another outing (okay, maybe you are, but they shouldn’t know that!). Better to toss them a more fun question like, “How’d you two meet?” that lets them tell an entertaining story without feeling like they’re being challenged to a game of 20 (uncomfortable) questions. Don’t show off. Really? You and your spouse went shark-diving on your honeymoon? You just bought the latest green SUV? And one of you got a promotion in this lousy Dream beauty pro hard sell economy? Wow. You two are amazing...wait, what’s that bubbling noise? Oh, it’s the other couple snoring in their soup. Think of a double date like a ping-pong tournament. You two lob something interesting over; they ping it back with cool info about them. If your spouse hit the merlot too hard and won’t shut up, give him a little squeeze under the table and slide in a friendly, “So... what does everyone think about dessert?” Do always pay for half. Remember this equation: Good double date = 50/50 Dream beauty pro hard sell split with no itemizing. That means that if you and your partner didn’t order apps but the other couple did, you should still pony up half of the bill. Why? Because you’ll look like penny-pinching losers if you start playing the “who ordered what” game. But here’s the exception: If you racked up extra charges that landed on your shared bill, like the couple of drinks you downed at the bar while waiting for the other couple to show, tell the waiter you’d like to split the bill 60/40 or offer to cover the tip to make up the cost.

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